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Nano technology is the most popular research and industrial application trend in the 21st century. China has also listed it as a national key development goal. Since 2003, it has been conducting two national nanometer projects for 12 years, combining the strength of industry, academia and research. Establishing many R&D achievements and related nanotechnology platforms, regardless of the amount of funds, products or patents invested, are among the best in the world, especially the development of nanomaterials. However, due to the lack of upstream and downstream integration of nanomedical technology development (technical/clinical and academic/industrial); the scale of the industry and the lack of funds and regulations are not clear, the supervision mechanism is not sound enough, many excellent nano in Taiwan Biomedical technology only stays at the stage of academic research and paper publishing, and cannot be effectively applied to the market. How to let nanotechnology research and development go through the most difficult but also the most valuable last road in the commercialization of biomedical applications. Crossing the Valley of Death is Taiwan’s development of the future biomedical industry, based on international important topic. The successful university has nine colleges, a national medical center and an excellent interdisciplinary academic environment, with basic characteristics research from nanometers, development of standard materials, design of test/treatment systems, prototyping, pre-clinical testing, and translational medicine. Ability to perform early clinical trials